The government has offered to stop bullying smokers patients

Russian hospitals should be equipped Smoking areas. On Friday, 15 December, said Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov at a meeting on law enforcement in Siberia, RIA Novosti reported.

“I’m for health, but need to be realistic and not to bully people,” he said after a visit to the Novosibirsk clinic, the patients go to smoke in robes in the cold.

According to Abyzov, the solution to this problem should be addressed by the CPS. “It is in the long-distance trains designated Smoking area. May be, to provide for changes in the law?” asked the Minister.

On 24 November at a round table in the Moscow region Duma, the administration of the Sheremetyevo airport offered to bring back Smoking areas, as passengers now secretly smoke in the toilets and tehpomescheniya what “smoke breathing”. A similar initiative was also made in Vnukovo.

In accordance with the provisions of anti-Smoking legislation, which came into force in 2013, in Russia Smoking is permitted at a minimum distance of 15 meters from the door stations, schools, hospitals, bus stops and other public places.

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