Scientists have explained why some fish-clowns — boring

Scientists have explained why some fish-clowns — boring

Australian scientists have explained why some clown fish have individual character, and some don’t.

Among the clown fish meet social and playful species, but there are those who unnecessarily do not come into contact with other fish and never do unnecessary movements. Australian scientists have mounted cameras under the water near the East coast of Australia and began to observe the behavior of fish in their natural habitat.

Black and white fish Amphiprion mccullochi inhabit sheltered from the wind, the lagoons, painted in a warm color A. latezonatus, in less calm waters of the coral reef in the open ocean.

It turned out that the inhabitants of the calm waters behave more aggressively towards other fish and more often at risk than fish living in open ocean; the latter generally did not have any obvious signs of individual characters. The intense struggle for life in full of predators and troubled reef allows you to develop individuality, the scientists write in the article (Coral Reefs, 2017).

Understanding the behavior of fish-clowns is important in order to specialists in the protection of the environment to correctly build a strategy for the protection of these animals, and with them entire ecosystems.