Blue Origin showed a flight from the window of a spacecraft

Blue Origin showed a flight from the window of a spacecraft

Company Blue Origin has published a video of the flight of the new version of the spacecraft New Shepard, which was launched for the first time on 12 December.

For the record, you can see the entire flight from launch site Blue Origin in West Texas before landing by parachute. Entry was posted to the company’s account on YouTube.

Blue Origin is a private aerospace company, which was originally aimed at developing vehicles for space tourism. To this end the company has created a reusable single-stage launch vehicle New Shepard with a hydrogen-oxygen engine. At the end of 2015, the company successfully landed on the Earth had been in space a rocket, and after two months, the first re-launched into space and put the same rocket.

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The company plans to use New Shepard for suborbital tourist flights. The rocket with the capsule for passengers will take off vertically and to cross a line of Pocket — conditional boundary between atmosphere and space. Within a few minutes, passengers will experience weightlessness and then return to Earth. In early 2017 Blue Origin was the first to show how it will look in the passenger version of the capsule. In contrast to the already flying prototype in this capsule has large Windows through which passengers will be able to observe the Earth from space.

Dec 12, Blue Origin for the first time experienced a new capsule with porthole Windows, which was launched on a new version with a New Shepard site in West Texas. At a height of 76 kilometers, the capsule separated from the rocket, after which the capsule and the rocket reached an altitude of 99 kilometers and started our descent. Capsule with a dummy and 12 scientific instruments landed on two parachutes, including at the end of a second brake motor for a soft landing. The rocket landed on their own engine without the use of parachutes. The company has published on its YouTube account a complete record of the flight, which allows you to evaluate how there will be commercial flights, the first of which must pass until April 2019.

Also the founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos demonstrated the first use of robot for remote inspection of a rocket and the place of landing to the arrival of experts.

First use of our landing pad bot #Blue2D2. @blueorigin

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) December 15, 2017

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In addition to Blue Origin is developing a suborbital tourist spacecraft engaged in other organizations. For example, a ship called VSS Unity creates Virgin Galactic in 2016 has already experienced its second version. The company said that it plans to conduct the first tests of the ship in space until the end of 2017. Also about developing a rocket plane for space tourism with a capacity of 20 people stated in China.

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