Russians advised not to combine alcohol and guns

Leonid Reference

The gun owners in the new year should be “to combine drinking” and the responsibility that they bear, said the head of the national audit office of Regardie Leonid Reference. His words “Interfax”.

“The people we hot the New year is always celebrated as it should be, fun. Unfortunately, the sad experience, including this year, shows that the perception of excessive drink leads to tragic consequences,” — said village.

He urged to be especially careful of Russians with children. “While the parents during holidays, children up to arms reach, and today we have numerous cases of injury to children up to a lethal outcome”, — said the head of the Department.

As an example of the consequences of alcohol use by the citizens who have weapons, the village cited the case in the Tver region, where in summer 2017 45-year-old Sergey Egorov shot and killed nine people. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to the investigation, in June Egorova friend invited him to his garden plot, which was the wife of the owner and other guests. After drinking the man had a conflict with other invited, he returned home, took a carbine “saiga” went back and demanded an apology. Not having received them, he started shooting at people.

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