Prostitutes of Russia asked Putin for protection

Irina Maslova

Organisation “Silver rose” protecting the rights of sex workers of Russia appealed to the Russian President, the government and the Commissioner for human rights with a request to cancel the punishment for prostitution — article 6.11 of the code of administrative offences. It is reported

According to the leader of the organization Irina Maslova, because of the fear to get to the database of prostitutes and discriminated against girls can’t contact the police when subjected to violence.

“Hard for the abolition of article 6.11 I caught in 2012, when the girl is a sex worker — was killed by a drunk policeman. That we’ll get the police, nobody believed — just me and her mother (…) the Convicted person has served in hot spots and even on appeal yelled: “She’s a hooker! I’m the hero, I fought for our country against drug trafficking is fought!” Evil must be punished,” she told the publication.

As legal grounds for cancellation of the article she noted the recommendation of the UN Committee on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and the UN Committee on economic, social and cultural rights on the abolition of this article in Russia.

Request sex workers was supported by the Director of the public Fund “New life” for the prevention of HIV infection in complex social groups, Faith Kovalenko. She explained to the publication that the article 6.11 of the administrative code makes sex workers to hide, including from doctors. “And this is happening in a country where sexual transmission of HIV is gaining momentum,” she complained.

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