In Japan have created glass that is able to recover itself, if it is broken

In Japan have created glass that is able to recover itself, if it is broken

TOKYO, December 15. /TASS/. A group of Japanese experts from Tokyo University have created glass that is able in a short period of time to completely restore its structure, if it is broken. This was reported December 15, the TV station NHK.

Main materials that are used by scientists in their design, steel synthetic polymer (polyurea). In the experiment, created from a small solid glass cut into two halves and then joined at normal room temperature, without the use of any other substances.

For joining to each other two parts just a few minutes, however, to fully restore the structure requires from one to six hours. After that, the glass again becomes strong and able to withstand the load.

Japanese scientists say that this effect is achieved due to the so-called effect of the hydrogen bonds, allowing the polymer molecules even when the separation tends to return to its original state.

“We were able to prove that the solid materials are able to recover at normal temperatures, even if you break their structure. In addition, these properties make these glasses more environmentally friendly,” — said Professor Yusuke Yanagisawa from the University of Tokyo.

In April 2017, scientists from the University of California, riverside have created glass for smartphones that has the ability to heal itself. This will take about a day. The material also has high elasticity and can stretch, becoming up to 50 times longer than original size.