The nomination of Putin attract the opposition

The nomination of Putin attract the opposition

The administration of President completes the formation of the initiative group if Vladimir Putin decides to go to the presidential elections as an independent candidate, told “Vedomosti” a person close to the Kremlin. The group really formed, knows the other close to the Kremlin. Putin announced his readiness to run for last week, but the decision on the nomination form was not read, reminded reporters Wednesday his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

In addition to self-still not ruled out the option of nominating from the “United Russia”, says a close to the presidential administration. According to him, the final decision of Putin yet, there is no common position about the best method of nomination and administration. By the time of final decision of the officials will be ready for both options, said the source.

The official nomination will be possible after elections to the Federation Council (he plans to do this December 15).

By law, a candidate must support the initiative group of no less than 500 people. The group, which is prepared in the event of self-nomination of Putin, can be divided into several parts, said someone close to the administration the person: this is a known public figures and activists headed by the regional President of the popular front, stars of culture, sport and art. Many of them will be able to continue to participate in the campaign as the confidants of Putin, said the source. The group may include representatives of the movement Putin Team, created by the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, puts people in the “United Russia”.

A significant part of the initiative group could be composed of senators and deputies of the state Duma, knows another close to the presidential administration the source, their total number can reach 100. While Deputy corps can be presented not only well-known members of the faction “United Russia”, and deputies at least two of those present in the Duma parties, said the source.