When you search for the Argentine submarine “San Juan” found a sunken ship

When you search for the Argentine submarine “San Juan” found a sunken ship

BUENOS AIRES, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Navy of Argentina reported that it detected in the search area for the missing submarine “San Juan” objects are the stone and the sunken ship.

“The Navy of Argentina… in the framework of the search operation of the submarine “San Juan” reports that on Monday, the us research vessel “Atlantis” carried the study of two contacts of the remotely operated underwater vehicle (TNLA) CURV21″ — said in a military statement.

As reported by the Navy of Argentina, in the course of the study at a depth of 650 m was found a stone with a length of one meter. The second object detected at a depth of 139 meters, was defined by the British ice patrol ship HMS Protector as a sunken ship.

Submarine of the Navy of Argentina “San Juan” has ceased to leave on communication, November 15 at the transition from the naval base Ushuaia to Mar del Plata. At the time of last communication with submarines reported the accident. On Board were 44 people, including the first ever Argentinean woman-submariner Eliana Maria Krawczyk. Representatives of the Navy reported a single explosion, which can be associated with the disappearance of the “San Juan”.

15 days after the disappearance of the submarine of naval forces of Argentina said that the operation to rescue 44 crew members of the submarine “San Juan” is terminated, but will continue the search for the submarine.