Kim Jong-UN wanted to turn North Korea into a strong nuclear power in the world

Kim Jong-UN

DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN has set a goal to transform North Korea in the world’s most powerful nuclear and military power. This is with reference to the KCNA reports TASS.

A statement Kim Jong UN made a speech at the Congress of workers of the defense industry. He noted the successes of the DPRK in the development of new types of weapons.

“The Supreme leader has defined long-term objectives, strategic tasks that must be performed for the development of the defence industry. He also instructed at further glorification of our country and turning it into the most powerful nuclear and military state in the world”, — is told in the message.

The DPRK leader also called a “historic victory of the party and the people” success in development of strategic weapons, including atomic and hydrogen bombs and Intercontinental ballistic missiles “And 15”. Kim Jong-UN, has assured that the country’s defence industry allows you to create any kind of weapons.

On 7 December, the DPRK authorities stated that the war on the Korean Peninsula is inevitable. The foreign Ministry of North Korea decided that the military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea, as well as the statements of officials from Washington are evidence of preparation for the strike at the DPRK. In Pyongyang noted that he did not want war, but hiding from it will not.

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