MP urged to check the performance of the student in the “city of the Bundestag”

MP urged to check the performance of the student in the “city of the Bundestag”

MP from the Communist party zakonodatelnogo Assembly of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district Elena Kukushkina has called the city of the Bundestag (the German Parliament). The error was contained in her request to the Department of education of Novy Urengoy about checking into the speech student Nicholas Desyatnichenko.

According to the document, which was signed by the Deputy, it is stated that “the portal includes a statement of the student MBOU Gimnaziya the city of Novy Urengoy Desyatnichenko Nicholas in the city of the Bundestag,” according to news Agency “”.

Moreover, this phrase in the document, which was published in social networks, have met twice. Social media users expressed their outrage at the address of the Deputy.

Director of gymnasium №1 in Novy Urengoy was reprimanded after the speech, Nicholas Desyatnichenko in the Bundestag, and the German teacher in school – the mismatch position.

Made the punishment the Deputy, twice called the Bundestag city

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She Kukushkin said that the reason such language was error. The text she had dictated over the phone during a trip in the car, and some words were lost. In her conviction, the document had to be written “in the city of Berlin in the Bundestag.”

Previously portal reported that in connection with the performance of a high school student with a speech in the Bundestag, in which the boy spoke of “innocents killed soldiers of the Wehrmacht”, in the gymnasium Novy Urengoy test was conducted. As a result, the Director of the institution Ekaterina Chashnikova was reprimanded, and a teacher of the German language decided to check on the compliance office.

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