More than a third of Russians with optimism look in the future

More than a third of Russians expect to improve their life situation. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the Russian centre for public opinion studies (VTSIOM), reports TASS.

“More than a third of Russians (35 percent) expect improvement of life situation (and their families), 15 percent give a negative Outlook and another 40 percent believe that next year will live about the same as now”, — stated in the message.

However, about 65 percent of respondents assessed their financial situation as average, 20 percent of the wealth not satisfied, and 14 percent of respondents are happy with them.

Every third Respondent estimated the political situation in Russia as “good” and “very good”, 47 percent approve of the political course in the country.

The poll was conducted on 27-28 and 30 November 2017. It was attended by 1.8 thousand respondents.

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