The United States will spend a trillion dollars on rebuilding the country’s infrastructure

Donald Trump

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is going to introduce in January 2018 a program for the rehabilitation of the transport infrastructure in the country which will be spent one trillion dollars. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s advisers propose to allocate from the Federal budget for the reconstruction of infrastructure, $ 200 billion, and the remaining 800 billion should come from private investors and regional authorities. For the sake of the Bush administration will cut other spending in the Federal budget.

The WSJ writes that there is a risk that the US Congress will not approve the initiative of the team of trump, because such a step will further increase the country’s budget deficit, but the President circulated the opposite opinion. Their confidence is based on the support of this program the population of the United States. The newspaper estimates that the initiative will deliver more than half of voters in 2016 for Hillary Clinton. In addition, infrastructure rehabilitation support and vote on those elections for trump.

December 2 the U.S. Senate approved the draft law on tax reform. Reuters has called the provisions of the document major revision of the rules in this area.