Clarified the reason for the “alopecia” new year trees in Kiev

The main new year tree of Ukraine, established in the center of Kiev, acquired its present appearance is due to the long transport in Ukrainian capital. This writes the newspaper “Vesti”.

As noted, it was transported to Kiev for five days. The problems began in the Carpathians, the machine with fir have an accident because of the snow. The following incident occurred in Ivano-Frankivsk, where the car touched the van, Stasova on the tree 18 main branches and about 70 small (only 360 spruce branches).

Residents of a village in Western Ukraine told the newspaper that the spruce on the turn grazed and cut off electrical current, leaving them without light. The name of the settlement “News” do not specify, but added that angry villagers had blocked the car in which behind the car with the spruce drove the journalists. Cut wires tangled in the branches of spruce and drove more than 500 kilometers together with the fir, took them only near Kiev.

Also during the journey it became clear that the 30-metre high Christmas tree was placed on the wrong trailer: its length was 28 meters. It is noted that the shipping company chose the wrong route: “They have gone through Stryi, and it was through Galicia, where there are fewer bridges,” — said the Director of “Ivano-Frankivsk-blogrole” Oleg Oleinik.

As has told “news” the organizer of the Christmas holidays, Igor Dobrutsky, the tree suffered losses and in the end of the road, not far from Kiev, where machine with fir was passing under the bridge, with a height of 6.5 meters.

Olejnik told the newspaper that the tree should have been brought to the Ukrainian capital by helicopter. “We would know that it is in turn, generally do not send”, — he complained.

But in Kiev do not lose optimism. “We will fix it. After fixing the design on the length of the barrel we place the iron mounts for the branches and attach them. A few more days — and you don’t recognize her,” he promised Dobrutsky.