Called the main advantage of men over women in the arts

Called the main advantage of men over women in the arts

The value of the artwork depends on the sex of the artist work, men are valued higher than women. It is reported the project InArt with reference to the research of the Luxembourg school of Finance.

The study consisted of several stages. In the first focus group of thousands of people were asked to guess the gender of the artist and appreciate his work on a ten point scale. To work, presumably created by men, participants were treated worse than those that could create a woman.

For the second phase invited two thousand people. They were shown paintings signed by the artists in a random order. The results were the same: “female” jobs received lower scores than men.

In addition, we studied the results of half a million auction in 45 countries (more than 62 thousand authors) from 1970 to 2013. The analysis shows that the average transaction amount for men was 48.2 thousands of dollars, and for women it is 25.2 thousand.

“The results show the disadvantaged position of women in the art world, based solely on their gender. Male consumers are the driving force behind the auction market, and we can also see that they prefer to consider women’s art is inferior,” commented Professor Roman Kraussl.