Grass poison is incurable children’s mother found out their future

Elena Kordukova

Court of Sverdlovsk region declared 38-year-old resident of Asbestos Helen Kordukova guilty of the murder of his two children and attempted another. The Prosecutor asked for her maximum effort in Russia for women the penalty is 20 years imprisonment, the judge ordered the 18.5 in the colony, reported on the official website of the Investigative Committee.

The investigation revealed that in August 2005 Kordukova son was born, whom she deliberately gave a deadly and difficult recognizable drugs. In April 2006, the boy died. In November 2012, a resident of the Urals gave birth to another son, she gave him the same drug, resulting in the baby died in the spring of 2015 at the hospital.

Activity mother-poisoner managed to stop, when to doctors with poisoning got her third son, born in 2007. His body found traces of the same deadly substance, the boy was saved.

All she had four children, of whom three died. None of the guys did not live up to three years: they all had an atypical “hemolytic uremic syndrome”- an incurable, congenital disease is life-threatening. Kordukova gave children a drug that is used not only to treat the disease, but also as a rat poison in a dosage that exceeds the allowable 30 times and became ultimately fatal.

The exhumation proved the poisoning of two children. The woman explained that she was tired to treat them. Two judicial-psychiatric examination confirmed her sanity.

In December it was reported that in the village of Prokop’yevka in Krasnoyarsk region the man killed his five year old son and then committed suicide. According to preliminary data, the child was disabled, the family had “serious financial and moral trouble.”