The Russians took home Shoe covers machine, after honest attempts to buy them

A resident of Voronezh region stole from the hospital for the automatic sale of Shoe covers, some threw coins, but have not received a single pair, RIA Novosti reported with reference to main Department of internal Affairs in the region.

According to police, the incident occurred on the evening of 6 December. On account of outdoor surveillance cameras was seen as the man leaves the hospital in Rossosh with a vending machine for Shoe covers and hiding in an unknown direction.

After examining the visitor log, the police established the identity of the kidnapper: he was 54-year-old concrete worker from a construction company.

“Witnesses said that the man, following the instructions, dropped a coin into the machine, but he was not given a capsule with Shoe covers. The attacker tried again, but it was not successful. Then the man snatched the camera from the mounts and took it home,” police said.

Police arrested the kidnapper. According to them, to open the device and take out the money the man did not. Police have opened a criminal case under article “the robbery” which provides till four years of imprisonment.