Skier filmed in the Swiss mountains strange solar halo

Skier filmed in the Swiss mountains strange solar halo

Skier Ludwig Lundin filmed at a mountain resort in Switzerland halo — a luminous ring around the Sun.

The video was posted on the resort on Facebook.

Ljusfenomen i Vemdalen

Det fantastiska ljusfenomenet Halo uppstod på idag Hovdetoppen i Vemdalen.

Vemdalen published December 1, 2017,During the download an error has occurred.

Halo is an atmospheric optical phenomenon, the glowing ring around the light source, usually the Sun or moon. Glow, usually caused by ice crystals in Cirrus clouds at an altitude of 5-10 km. the Rays of light reflected and refracted from them, forming a shining halo. There are several different types of halos. The observed phenomenon were treated to a small (22-degree) halo, which is discernible only part of the color spectrum, from red to yellow. Some halo visible all the colors of the spectrum — for example, anti-aircraft arc looks like an inverted rainbow.

“It helps to understand people who believe in angels. If you know nothing about it, of course, think that this is something from another world,” noted commentators.

To halo was visible, the ice crystals must be located at a certain angle relative to the observer. Therefore, the same halo observed by multiple people from different locations may vary.