Named the most “depressive” regions of Russia

Named the most “depressive” regions of Russia

The highest incidence of depression recorded in the Siberian Federal district. This was stated by the experts of the National medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after VP Serbian.

According to scientists, according to 2016 in Siberia recorded 96.6 cases per 100 thousand population. Next comes the Central Federal district with an index of 87.1 cases per 100 thousand population, then — southern Federal district with 73.1 per case. The lowest rate of depression was recorded in the North Caucasus — only 34,9 cases per 100 thousand population. In other districts the incidence of depression below the average for Russia. In 2012 — 2016 years, this indicator decreased by 8.5%.

“In the Siberian district with a high level of depression and high suicide rates. There may provide insufficient medical care or it is available to more urban dwellers than rural areas,” — said in an interview with RT, the head of the division of clinical and prevention of suicide-studying center named after VP Serbian Boris Polozhii. He added that in the Central region, on the contrary, a good level of identifying patients with depression and is actively working with mental health services.

Experts also noted that the cause of the disorder can be both external and internal factors. The cause may be trauma, difficult pregnancy, childbirth, illness in childhood, physical and moral injury. Scientists say that in 60% of cases in the development of depression is affected by bad environment and the number of unregistered patients can three to four times higher than official statistics.