Wanting to bury Lenin the Russians became less

In the spring of 2017, the number of Russians who believe that the body of Vladimir Lenin should be buried, went down: for it were made by 41 percent of survey respondents “Levada-center”, compared to 58 percent in March-April.

To leave the Soviet leader’s body in the Mausoleum, also agreed 41% of respondents. Another 18 percent of Russians were undecided what to do with Lenin.

Sociologists also asked the question of what to do with the graves near the Kremlin wall.

According to 60 percent of the respondents, the remains of Soviet and foreign leaders should be left on the same place, 24 percent believe that they should be reburied.

A new wave of discussions over what to do with Lenin’s body, began after the statements of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. In early November he was called to bury the Soviet leader.

In April, 32 percent of respondents the Levada center said that Lenin’s tomb should be located at the Kremlin wall, and another 26 percent believe that it should be buried at the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg.