Chef of the St. Petersburg University of the interior Ministry broke in the supermarket

In St. Petersburg the security guard of “the five” beat the front door of 49-year-old customer he suspected of stealing. About
this portal said the husband of the victim.

According to the publication, the woman works as a cook at the University of the interior Ministry. “She was holding and put it back on the shelf melted cheese, — the interlocutor explained — At the checkout when all products are struck, the guard began to claim. My wife didn’t argue and showed the bag, which is nothing but purse, was not.”

Then the guard tried to grab the woman’s bag, but it did not work. Then he repeatedly struck her glass front door.

In the emergency room at women recorded multiple bruises of the hands and feet. The police checks.

In November the guards “Pyaterochka” in Rostov-on-don was put in the basement of the supermarket suspected of stealing 10-year-old boy. The mother of the child claims that he didn’t steal anything, the store said that the child confessed to the crime.