The North Korean foreign Ministry called the U.S. “nuclear demon”

The North Korean foreign Ministry called the U.S. “nuclear demon”

MOSCOW, 3 Dec — RIA Novosti. Future special us-South Korean exercises show that Washington is “nuclear demon” and its policy States, “beating the drum of nuclear war,” reads the statement of the DPRK foreign Ministry, published by North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”.

According to Pyongyang, scheduled for December 4-8, exercises Vigilant ACE will take part 1200 American soldiers and 230 aircraft, including the F-22 Raptor and F-35.

“This fact clearly shows who is the real fanatic of nuclear war, nuclear demon that sabotages and leads the attack on the peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the world,” the diplomat said.

Assessment of the MFA, placing in the region’s strategic nuclear weapons, the United States “continuously making an unprecedented large-scale military provocation and bring the situation on the Korean Peninsula to an acute and explosive.”

In the DPRK believe that Washington, “calling it a threat to peace and security our just steps to strengthen nuclear deterrence for self-defence, “demonize” us and preparing occasion for the application of our preventive nuclear strike”. All of these actions can be called “a prelude to nuclear war,” says a diplomatic service.

“The international community must clearly distinguish, where one can hear the kick drum of nuclear war, and to lay all the responsibility on US that destroy and sabotage the peace not only on the Korean Peninsula, but throughout the world,” — said in a statement.