Trump called the reputation of the FBI as “the worst in history”

Trump called the reputation of the FBI as “the worst in history”

The US President criticized the FBI and called the Bureau’s reputation “in tatters”. With this statement he made after his former adviser made a deal with the investigation on the “Russian case”.

The US President Donald trump on the background of the investigation against his former national security Advisor Michael Flynn said he believes the reputation of the FBI as “the worst in history.”

“After the leadership of the Komi Republic, with fake and dishonest investigation against [Hillary] Clinton (and the rest), the FBI’s reputation in tatters — the worst in history,” wrote trump on his Twitter, adding: “We will return to the FBI his greatness.” The FBI in 2016, led the investigation against Clinton due to the fact that she as Secretary of state was in correspondence with personal mail, that could be the cause of leaking classified information. The investigation was closed.

Of James Comey, former FBI Director, testified to Congress in may 2017. Then he said that trump asked him to stop the investigation against Flynn. Komi said that he responded to the President’s refusal.

Sunday afternoon, trump wrote another tweet criticizing the former Director of the FBI. “I never asked for Komi to close the investigation against Flynn. The fake news to cover for another lie Komi Republic”, — wrote the President of the United States.

Now the investigation of the “Russian case” — an alleged Russian interference in the elections — it has been spectacular Robert Mueller. On Friday, December 1, Michael Flynn made a deal with the investigation and admitted that making a false statement to the FBI about his talks with the Russian Ambassador in the United States.