Therapist fired for denying AIDS

Olga Kovach

One of the most famous Russian HIV – and AIDS-dissidents, therapist Olga Kovach was fired from the medical facility at the railway station “Volgograd-1”, reports V1.

“I was asked to resign… I’m going against the system, and that’s the reason,” she said.

Kaveh previously told the publication about the origins of their position. In 1990, when she was a student of the Kuibyshev medical Institute and dreamed of becoming an infectious disease doctor, she found a booklet about what AIDS is not, and then, when she was working in the er in Znamensk, has opened a laboratory for the study of the virus.

“Then I was very surprised, because no one patient of this mysterious disease in the district was not. In addition, the staff of this laboratory, who was in a military hospital, for some reason, did not obey the Ministry of defense. It also seemed very strange,” said Kovach, linking the development of science with the plans of the “world backstage” to destroy humanity.

According to the group Vkontakte “HIV/AIDS dissidents and their children”, dedicated to the counting of deaths due to refusal to accept antiretroviral therapy, Kaveh worked as a General practitioner in the branch of the Central military clinical hospital named after Vishnevsky in the suburban military town of vlasikha. In 2010 she moved to Volgograd.

Olga Kovach known activity on the Internet: she convinces HIV-positive people in the absence of disease and harm from treatment of the disease. In 2017, the therapist went to the semifinals of the annual competition “Honorary Academician LIED — 2017” (Bronicheski Academy of Pseudoscience), established scientific-educational portal of “” and the Foundation “Evolution”.