Killed one of the defendants in the case of painting the stars on the skyscraper Kotelnicheskaya

In the Baksan gorge (Kabardino-Balkaria) on December 1, killed the base jumper Alexander Cellars, in the case of painting the stars on the spire of the building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow. This was reported in the group DvizhuhaClub in Facebook.

In August 2014 Pogrebova and three other people accused of vandalism and hooliganism: they allegedly climbed the spire of the skyscraper and painted a star on it in the colors of Ukrainian flag.

The responsibility for painting the stars took over the Ukrainian rufer Paul Ushivez (Grisha Mustang). The court acquitted Pogrebova, Alexei Shirokogorov, Evgenia Korotkova and Anna Lepeshkin.

Rufer Vladimir Podrezova, which was on the roof of the skyscraper along with Useucom, was sentenced to nearly three years in prison. After this time period, he was replaced by restriction of liberty.