Trump said about the possibility of agreement with Russia

Trump said about the possibility of agreement with Russia

The American leader is going to act along with Moscow and does not rule out cooperation with Beijing. What are the areas he plans to work together, the President said.

WASHINGTON, 30 APR — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The US President Donald trump said that he believes possible agreement with Russia.

“I will act together with Russia. It could also be China, it could be many other group,” he said in an interview with CBS television, without specifying what areas of cooperation going on. The program will be aired soon, the TV station published the transcript on his website.

Trump once again called fiction a story about when his campaign with Russia.

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However, the American leader said about “ties” with Moscow his rival in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton.

“Is (the former head of the election headquarters Clinton) John Podesta, which, as I understand it, along with his brother owns a company in Russia. Hillary’s husband (former U.S. President bill Clinton) made speeches in Russia for a fee, and she concluded with Russia uranium deal. But no one is even talking about it,” said trump.

American television stations, citing intelligence agencies regularly accuse trump “ties with Russia”, which, they claim, could lead him to victory in the elections. Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of attempts to influence U.S. elections. Leaks in the media that the representatives of the election headquarters of Donald trump spoke with representatives of the Russian intelligence service, the Kremlin also called not based on facts. Not confirmed them in the White house.