Navy seal said in his memoirs about the elimination of bin Laden shot in the head

Navy seal said in his memoirs about the elimination of bin Laden shot in the head

The fighter of an elite unit of American Navy seals Robert O’neill described in his book the end of the operation “Neptune Spear” in Abbottabad Pakistan. 41-year-old retired military man told how he killed the founder of “al-Qaeda” shot in the head, and then made “test”.

Fighter of special forces “Navy seals” of the U.S. Navy Robert O’neill described in his memoirs how at the end of the operation “Neptune Spear” killed Osama bin Laden shot in the head. About it writes on Saturday, April 29, edition of the Daily Mail.

In his book, a retired soldier recounts the events of may 2, 2011. In the suburbs of Abbottabad in Northern Pakistan, the commandos stormed the hideout of the alleged organizer of the September 11 attacks in new York.

O’neill writes that the house, which hid bin Laden was well protected. When a group of commandos broke a metal gate and entered the premises, he felt that the hunt for bin Laden is nearing completion. “Oh, shit! We here in the house of bin Laden! This is so cool! Perhaps we will die, but this is a historic moment, and I enjoy it” — says the author.

The house of bin Laden, says O’neill, was filled with women and children. According to intelligence sources, the founder of “al-Qaeda” (an organization banned in Russia — approx. were to protect his 23-year-old son Khalid. At some point in the stairwell on the floor above, a man appeared with a Kalashnikov. One of the Navy seals, then called out in two languages — Arabic and Urdu: “Khalid, come here.” This phrase specifically learned, preparing for the assault.

Probably, the son of bin Laden at the time had not yet realized that the commandos entered the house. He stuck his head out and said, “What?” and at that moment was shot in the head.

After that, as the author writes the memoir, he and another member of the assault has decided to deviate from the instructions, not to wait for friends and to meet face to face with the terrorist number one “It was not bravery, it was more like fatigue — I was wondering when this would happen.” In one of the rooms they saw bin Laden. He’s been using a woman as a human shield, but O’neill, in his words, aimed above her shoulder twice and squeezed the trigger.

“The head of bin Laden broke, and he fell… I stabbed him in the head with another bullet. Control,” wrote a Navy seal.

Robert O’neill first publicly said that he killed bin Laden, in 2014. The us military ever since, never officially confirmed, nor denied his words. However, who wished to remain anonymous commando claimed that before O’neill entered the room, which was the goal, there was already two of his colleagues, and the decisive shot made one of them. O’neill also became the object of criticism from command for violation of the “code of ethics” of the American Navy seals.