Le Pen called the Euro is dead currency and a burden to France

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “national front” marine Le Pen intends to return the national currency, to manage it and adapt to the economy. She declared it in interview to the newspaper Le Parisien.

The Euro is “dead”, I’m sure Le Pen, and dead currency is a burden for the country and every Frenchman.

The presidential candidate intends in the future to “demand management currency”. Euros, according to Le Pen, should be transformed into currency, which “is not bound to a daily purchase.” “It will only be available to large companies who are engaged in international trade”, she said.

On March 27, the candidate in presidents of France from the “National front” stated that the EU will disappear.

In the beginning of the year, marine Le Pen urged European countries to abandon the single currency and return to the idea of a common currency like the ECU. In case of victory in the elections, Le Pen promised to hold a referendum on withdrawal of France from the Euro.