After the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case against the employee underground

After the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case against the employee underground

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case against an employee of metro for the admission of the alleged suicide of Akbarjon Jalilov to the station “Academic”. In the work of the 43-year-old Constantine Ippolitov provided negligence.


As it became known “Fontanka”, in the course of the preliminary investigation it was established discrepancy in the instructions of employees of the control service on the metro (SCM) and senior inspector Ippolitov, who was leading the change day on 3 April at the metro station “Academic”. Through it, the subway was Akbarjon Jalilov.

According to investigators, Ippolitov did not provide the organization of SCM, putting on the station two trainees instead of the sick inspector. They had no right to use a radial x-ray installation.

In addition, as stated in the resolution on initiation of criminal case under article 293 “the Negligence” the suspect did not organize the work of inspection structure, does not put staff on the station, and personally took part in the inspection activities, resulting in Jalilov entered the metro.

On duty at “Academic” April 3, the inspectors SCM Sobolewski and Zubarev at the time of the passage of the probable suicide bomber is not controlled work of metal detectors. Before the attack they were working in silent mode, but all the information displayed on the top “frame”. Both inspectors were at the booth on duty in the lobby and could see except for the correct triggering of the line of turnstiles. Judging by the videos of the surveillance cameras, Jalilov did a little recon, making sure there are no inspectors at SCM metal detectors.

The functionality of the employees of the control service of the subway has been repeatedly criticized. They are not licensed and do not have the right of inspection of passengers. In conversation with the “Fontanka”, the inspectors confirmed the lack of authority and reported that they indicate the standard of examination of passengers to identify suspicious items, but a sample of the event has little to do with real safety improvements.

A year ago the St. Petersburg metro reduced the staff of SKM and the announced reform. Instead of the inspectors planned to hire certified security guards. Instead, in April 2017 Vladimir Gaugin announced the extension of the SCM to 513 — such as unverified.