Venezuela sent the OAS a letter of withdrawal from its membership

Venezuela sent the OAS a letter of withdrawal from its membership

This process, according to the present order, should take two years.

MEXICO city, April 29. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. Venezuela sent to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) Luis Almagro’s statement about the withdrawal of the Bolivarian Republic of from the composition of the regional bloc. On Friday reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Latin American countries.

In document Venezuela notifies about the decision to denounce the OAS Charter, which is necessary to start the exit procedure. According to the existing order, it should take two years

“Free and independent Venezuela will never be a part of this organization, which since its inception has become a tool for the legitimacy of Imperial desires against sovereign Nations,” reads the statement, signed by the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. Earlier this week he was ordered to immediately withdraw the country from the OAS.

SG received note from #Vzla requesting exit from #OAS & said: “The solution is not leaving the OAS, it’s the redemocratization of the country”

— OAS (@OAS_official) April 28, 2017

The foreign Minister of Venezuela DELSY Rodriguez warned that Venezuela may take such a step, if this regional bloc will hold a meeting of foreign Ministers on the situation in a Latin American country without her consent. The decision to organize this meeting was taken April 26.

From the beginning of April in Venezuela are anti-government demonstrations that often turn into clashes with police. The Executive power is also mobilizing its supporters to participate in marches and rallies.

According to the estimates of the NGO “Venezuelan penal forum”, during this time, were arrested more than 1.5 thousand people. Because of the violence during mass actions of supporters and opponents of Maduro to date, killed about 30 people.