Putin spoke about leading to success human qualities

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told, what qualities lead people to success. He shared his observations, handing gold medals of Hero of labour of Russia, reports on Friday, April 28, the correspondent “Tapes.ru”.

According to the head of the state, in life, succeed those who have including such qualities as diligence and love for the Fatherland.

“We see that our laureates are awarded, people are very different, well absolutely different — professions, life experience, the way they were in life. But there is something that unites us all — the talent of each is present, the hard work, dedication and love for the Fatherland”, — said Putin. He stressed that “all of this together leads to success”.

In accordance with the decree of the President, for special merits before the state and the people the title of Hero of labor received the artistic Director of the theater “Contemporary” Galina Volchek, the former head of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, fitter “Sevmash” Alexey Ivanov, the head physician of one of hospitals of Krasnodar territory Vladimir flutter barbarian and the Ranger Ustinov.

The title of Hero of labour was established in March 2013. It is awarded for contribution to education and socio-economic, cultural, industrial and agricultural development of the country.