The air defense intercepted Israel over the Golan goal from Syria

Air defense intercepted Israel over the Golan heights aerial target that was moving from Syria. About it reports Reuters.

According to residents of the Israeli city of Safed, located in the North of the country, they witnessed the launch of two missiles air defense systems “Patriot” and flash in the night sky — the result of hitting the target. What shot down the rocket, is still unknown. It is assumed that we are talking about UAVs. It is also not known at which side of border he was shot down.

April 27, air force of the Jewish state attacked a site near the international airport of Damascus. According to sources Reuters, the target was a weapons depot for Hezbollah.

March 17 Israeli planes during the attack on targets in Syria were fired on by antiaircraft missiles. The Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems if they are used against aircraft.