Padalka CPK accused of lying, cronyism and the desertion of

Padalka CPK accused of lying, cronyism and the desertion of

Colonel of the air force of Russia Gennady Padalka, left the cosmonaut corps, wrote the address with criticism of the head of the cosmonaut training Center (CTC) Yuri Lonchakov and a call to fire the head.

The letter was published on Thursday, April 27, “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to Padalka, his letter is a response to the statement Lonchakov on the website of TCP, which was published in connection with the departure of several astronauts from the detachment, among whom was Padalka. In his letter Padalka enumerates the cases of “survival” people out of the cosmonaut corps.

It affects the level of cynicism and lack any conscience. Him as leader, we should rather remove it, and not one, but a part of the team that recruited not on the basis of professionalism, credibility and loyalty, personal loyalty and nepotism. Otherwise, the Center would kill okonchatelnoe letter of Gennady Padalka

Padalka called “discrediting of the level of professionalism” in the profession by obtaining qualifications Lonchakov cosmonaut first class.

“In General, “comrade nervous” and says not about that. It would be better to tell the crew that he threw (better to say deserted) after his appointment, for a flight… Not going to talk about the other “exploits”, in particular, to go into the details, it has received qualification “the cosmonaut of the first class”. This is a complete discrediting of the level of professionalism in our profession,” wrote Padalka.

Gennady Padalka — record for total length of stay in orbit. In total his space flight lasted for 878 days. 58-year-old cosmonaut made the first flight in 1998. He left a detachment of the Russian space Agency on April 22, after which he complained of the idleness and lack of work.

Then a detachment of the Russian space Agency has left three cosmonauts Sergey Volkov, Alexander Samokutyaev and Sergei Revin. According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the reason for the decrease is the planned rejuvenation of the workforce.