The US tested an Intercontinental missile Minuteman III

The US tested an Intercontinental missile Minuteman III

USA had successfully tested an Intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman III. On Wednesday, April 26, reports The National Interest, citing the statement of the air force.

The launch was made from Vandenberg base (California). The rocket, which flew approximately 6440 kilometres (400 miles), did not carry a nuclear warhead. As a result of the launch was struck conditional target on the Marshall Islands.

“These launches [rocket] Minuteman is necessary in order to check the status of our nuclear weapons and demonstrate its abilities,” said Colonel John moss.

The military statement also States that this test is used to ensure that the United States is able to maintain the level of “a strong and effective nuclear deterrent” as an important part of national security.

Earlier on April 26 reported on the impending launch and it was noted that the tests were planned a year ago. In Command of the global impacts of the U.S. air force recalled that the last time a similar test of the “Minuteman” was held in February, usually a year there are four start.

Rockets family “Minuteman” are adopted in the US since the 1970s and have been repeated upgrades. Rocket is the only land-based ICBMs in the US Arsenal. It is assumed that the missile will remain in service until 2020. According to open sources, the US has 450 ICBMs of this type with 550 nuclear warheads.