Kosachev explained the reduction in financial assistance to Ukraine from the US

Konstantin Kosachev

The U.S. plans to reduce the amount of financial assistance to Kiev, almost 70 percent indicate that Ukraine is not a priority for Washington directions. Such an assessment was expressed by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev on Tuesday, April 25, RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian Senator noted that Washington intends to reduce support to developing countries, and Ukraine is held in this budget line, not as “best fight for freedom.” “The money from the assistance programs on the development is expected to translate into goals, of direct relevance to U.S. national security. The signal is obvious: Ukraine, such order is not” — said Kosachev.

In his opinion, “in Washington do not see any clear effect from the massive investments in Ukraine”. The MP pointed to a pragmatic approach, characteristic of the administration of the current President of Donald trump. “Everything is simple and cynical: will you benefit from American money. Hi independent Ukraine”, — said the Senator.

Yesterday, 24 April, media reported with reference to the budget document that the United States intends to reduce the size of financial assistance to Ukraine by 68.8 percent. Thus, the amount of support should be reduced from 570 to $ 177 million. The savings will be reallocated to areas closely related to national security.

The draft budget for 2018 Washington announced in March. It was reported that the planned one-third reduction in assistance to developing countries, but details not given.