In New Zealand exposed a cat who lived for two families

In New Zealand exposed a cat who lived for two families

Cats often behave as if they care about the person with whom they are forced to exist in the same space. Sometimes there are exceptions: the pet really likes the owner. But there are extremes, when the cat suddenly decides to live “for two families”.

Such a case happened in New Zealand with a cat Simba. His owner Shirley Bishop noticed that the pet periodically disappears for a few days, but consoled himself with the cat need a bit of commitment, loneliness and lawlessness.

Once Simba is gone for a week and came back with stitches near the neck-shoulder. Then Bishop realized that her two year old cat lives a double life!

“I went to the vet, he suggested that it could have happened to Simba. However, because of the law on inviolability of private life, I declined to give the name of the person who was caring for my cat. All that they could to tell me is the name of the street where is located the second house of Simba” — said the Bishop.

With this information, she started a campaign on Facebook and found a “second mother” of Simba.

It was Maikel Groombridge to which a stranger cat came nine months ago. He was having some fun in the home of the second hostess, was very active and joyful. In this regard, Groombridge even called kitty Crazy Horse (literally — “Crazy horse”), “because he ran around the house like crazy.”

When Simba is a Stray horse suddenly disappeared for a week, there was an unpleasant incident. The cat was bitten by a dog, and “second mother” immediately took the wounded dog to the vet. Secret Simba opened. However, the most remarkable thing in this story is that the Bishop and Groombridge even had they worked in the same office but on different floors.

Share the cat was not necessary. Women agreed that will take care of Simba in turn, reports Mashable.