Erdogan has threatened Ankara’s rejection of Turkey’s accession to the European Union

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara could revise its stance on the issue of EU membership if Brussels will continue to stall for time. Another obstacle he called the current hostile mentally some member countries of the EU, reports Reuters.

Turkey’s relations with the EU deteriorated even before April 16, the referendum on the amendments to the main law of the country. Erdogan then he compared Germany and the Netherlands, have banned rallies his supporters with the actions of the Nazis.

“In Europe, seriously increased the level of Islamophobia. EU closes the door to Turkey, and Turkey holds the door open, he said. — If they are insincere, why do we continue to wait? We’re talking about 54 years (Association Agreement of Turkey with the European economic community, 1963 — approx. Tape)”.

According to him, if necessary, may conduct another referendum in which citizens would vote for accession to the EU. “Brexit gave Britain a peace of mind, and led into a new future. This may be applicable to Turkey”, — said the President.

April 2, Erdogan said that the Republic’s integration into the European Union interferes primarily a religious factor. “Turkey cannot join the EU for 54 years. The reason is quite clear: the EU is a Union of crusaders. They lied to us 14 years in a row. And continue to do,” he said.