Chaika: more commonly denied the extradition of accused persons


RIA Novosti

In 2016 increased from 63 to 66 the number of refusals in satisfaction of Russian requests for the extradition of accused persons in Russia, persons, the report said the Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika on the state of law and order in Russia in 2016.

“International cooperation in the field of extradition and legal assistance in criminal matters remained a number of problems. These include mainly the duration of the consideration of the Russian requests, the competent authorities of foreign States, as well as unreasonable refusals in their performance. In particular, in 2016 rejected 66 Russian extradition requests (in 2015 – 63)”, — stated in the document, which was available to RIA Novosti.

As noted by the attorney General, the grounds for refusal in 15 cases, was the presence of the requested person of the citizenship of the country in which it is located, 11 the release of the requested person shelter, six to the expiration of the limitation period, five in the absence of a crime under the law of the requested state.

“Meanwhile there were also politicized, in our opinion, the denials. In some cases the refugee status was granted to the person wanted for ordinary crimes, is contrary to the Convention relating to the status of refugees of 1951. On these facts turned the attention of foreign partners in each case and were then asked to consider the question of cancellation of the status. However, in 2016, these decisions have not been lifted, including in connection with absence of procedure of appeals,” reads the report.