“Sing the rest of his life”: 100 years since the birth of Ella Fitzgerald

“Sing the rest of his life”: 100 years since the birth of Ella Fitzgerald

MOSCOW, 25 APR — news, Anna kocharov. Brilliant jazz singer of the twentieth century marks 100 years: 25 April 1917 born Ella Fitzgerald.

“Ella” — so turn to her admirers even today, after 21 years after her death. Everything about her always spoke with respect, kindness and unconditional love, devotion. If she started to listen to already became fans forever.

Ella Fitzgerald had an amazing voice with great range and incredible expressiveness. She sounded great and the high notes, and rich in the lower registers. Her voice covered the range spanning three octaves, she was and remains a consummate performer of improvisation and a master of scat, that is the manner of imitation musical instruments. Its track record 13 Grammy awards and sold over 40 million records.

She worked with the best jazz musicians of the twentieth century: Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Quincy Jones, Oscar Peterson. But a stunning performer that it did not technical sophistication and no circulation records. She was amazing — it can be seen to this day on her video. This can be heard on records of different years, from the first records, when her young voice, full of hope, sounds fresh and up to later tracks, when the sound manifests itself the experience of past years.

Her appearance was always some special kindness. Being young, she went on stage in beautiful dresses. At the age appeared in the spotlight in a bit shapeless robes, always with a handkerchief in hand.

But most importantly, of course, that in her voice, her intonations were not only beauty, not only special flavor, but also a confidence and warmth. Perhaps that is why for each listener in each song performed by Fitzgerald acquired a very personal sound.

As often happens, her life was full of sorrows and disappointments. When you read a biography of Fitzgerald, I think: perhaps it is this suffering and made it such a deep and soulful performer.

Orphaned early, she was brought up in the family of his aunt. The first success has brought the unexpected performance at the talent show, where in fact she was going to dance, but then decided to sing. It was immediately noticed and invited to perform. In the mid-1930s, she joined in with the big band of chick Webb, who later became Chairman after the sudden death of its leader.

Success came in the 1940s when she began to sing in the style of bebop, and a genuine recognition since the 1950s. She always worked very hard: has recorded, toured extensively. In the early 1990s, her health began to deteriorate dramatically — the singer was diagnosed with diabetes in 1993, her two legs were amputated.

Incredible fame and success side by side in her life with deep feelings and loneliness. Her marriage was short-lived, and the relationship with his adopted son (nephew), say the biographers, was never warm.

Rather restrained and rarely gave an interview, Fitzgerald said that in every song “tells a story”. She even seemed used to live on stage was created to sing. Being on stage, she felt the love of the audience and repeated that he wants to sing for the students before the end of his life.