Police beat a resident of the Republic of Karelia has ordered to rehab

In Karelia resident of the village of Loukhi was sentenced to 2.5 years suspended sentence and ordered to undergo treatment for alcoholism because he hit a police officer. This was reported on the website of the Republican Prosecutor’s office. 4 Feb staff patrol found on the street a drunken man that “offended human dignity and public morality”. The police wanted to accompany him to the police station for drawing up an administrative report, but the offender began to resist. He hit one of the guards punched in the face and tore his uniform. The man was found guilty of committing a crime under article “Application of violence not dangerous for health against a representative of authority in connection with the performance of their official duties”. Because the defendant has repeatedly committed an administrative violation related to alcohol use, the court laid upon him the obligation to undergo treatment at the

In Mexico, unknown persons stole a container with the radiation source

In Mexico, unknown persons stole a container with the radiation source In nine regions of the country declared anxiety. MEXICO city, April 25. /Offset. TASS Ivan valueK/. The office of civil defense of Mexico announced Monday concern in nine regions of the country for a stolen container of radioactive materials. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country. The container belongs to a company performing work for non-destructive testing. A device used in industrial radiography, was in the car that was hijacked in the municipality of San Pedro Tlaquepaque in the Western state of Jalisco. Authorities warned that the source of the radiation could pose a serious threat to the health, if will be extracted from the container, and urged to observe special precautions in the case of detection In February 2017 in Mexico there was a similar case. Then the container with

Off the coast of Chile earthquake of magnitude 6.7

Off the coast of Chile earthquake of magnitude 6.7 MOSCOW, 25 APR — RIA Novosti. Earthquake magnitude of 6.7 occurred off the coast of Chile, according to the US Geological survey (USGS). The quake was recorded Monday at 21.38 UTC (00.38 Tuesday GMT). The epicenter of the quake was located 35 kilometers West of Valparaiso. The earthquake lies at a depth of 6.7 kilometers. Information on possible victims and destructions did not arrive. #UPDATE: Chile earthquake struck off the west coast near the capital Santiago, no tsunami warnings issued for NZ https://t.co/6SrYvZAyD5 pic.twitter.com/6CGyW5u8eK — Watchmanz (@Watchmanz) 24 APR 2017