Ivanka trump had to explain for the father on a woman’s G20 summit

Ivanka trump had to explain for the father on a woman’s G20 summit

Daughter of the American President Donald trump Ivanka listened to a number of unpleasant shouts at the summit of the countries “big twenty” for women in Berlin.

As soon as the 35-year-old businesswoman has noticed that her father “supports families in need and helps them to survive,” reached her dissatisfied rumble of the audience.

Ivanka, which the press nicknamed the “first daughter”, the summit discussed about women in business with IMF head Christine Lagarde and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to Ivanka trump, she does not know his father in journalists drawn portrait of Donald trump as a misogynist and a man with paternalistic attitudes towards women.

According to her, thousands of women who had ever worked for current United States President during the time when he was a businessman, is also unlikely to consider him a sexist. “He encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to become a: I grew up in a house where there were barriers I couldn’t overcome,” added Ivanka.

The trump has repeatedly accused the mainstream media of distorting its image.

At the moment it is not clear what role the eldest daughter of the President plays in his administration. In March, the White house announced that Ivanka will be the consultant of the head of state on a Pro Bono basis.

In the American press wrote that the President’s daughter will have access to classified information, and that her office will be located in the West wing of the White house where the Oval office.

While the media often reported that trump and her husband Jared Kushner enjoyed a growing influence in the White house.

In early April, the President’s son Eric trump told the British Telegraph newspaper that Ivanka is likely to have influenced the decision to start 59 of Tomahawk missiles at Syrian military base.

According to the publication Berliner Zeitung, the businesswoman can create father’s positive image of Germany at the end of her short stay in Berlin, where she was in March invited Angela Merkel during his state visit to Washington.