In the US, police detained two goats

In the US, police detained two goats

In Belfast (American Maine) police arrested two goats that roamed the streets. The animals escaped from their owner who kept them in the garage, according to ABC News.

Officer Daniel Fitzpatrick (Daniel Fitzpatrick) found herbivore named Louis and Mahli on the street and took them in a patrol car on a leash for cats. He fed the hungry beast of the vegetables. Also, a man posted pictures of animals on the page police Department on the social network Facebook.

After a few hours with the service tied the daughter of the mistress of goats, who saw the photos online, and took the animals home. In the caption to the pictures uploaded in Facebook, Fitzpatrick joked that the Department would hire goats as a patrol.

In April it became known that the police Department of the city of Avondale (U.S. Arizona) have taken on the lizard. Bearded Agama named iroh took the oath and received a badge. Reptile fell to the Department of Arizona, to detect by smell certain types of drugs.