The German authorities refused to shelter half of the people from Afghanistan

In January-February this year, the German authorities have approved only 47.9 per cent of applications for asylum by Afghan migrants. On Monday, April 24, according to the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse with reference to data of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

The German government refused almost 14.5 thousands of Afghans. There was a total of 27 639 statements, notes “Interfax”.

In 2015, 77.6 percent of the asylum seekers received a positive response, in 2016, the refugee status was granted to 60.5 per cent of Afghan migrants, according to the German edition.

Media reported earlier that over the past two years on the territory of Germany were thousands of former members of the extremist movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia).

For 2015, in Germany there were more than 150 thousand people from Afghanistan. Over the past two years, which was the European migration crisis, the number of Afghan refugees increased significantly, but their exact number is unknown. In October 2016, Berlin and Kabul have reached an agreement on the return of refugees to their homeland. To date, from Germany to Afghanistan deported 60 people in the coming years, German authorities are planning to send another 12.5 thousand people.