The data of exit polls showed the margin of the Makron from Le Pen

Emmanuel Macropodoidea: the French interior Ministry announced the leadership of Le Pen in the presidential elections

Former Minister of economy of France, the candidate of the movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron is a leader in the first round of presidential elections in the country. According to Belgian television channel RTBF, which is based on the exit polls, Makron gaining 26 percent of the vote.

For the second place fight the leader far right “National front” marine Le Pen is going to result in 23 percent of the vote, ultralevel candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon (21 percent), and a representative of “Republicans” Francois Fillon, gaining 17 percent.

The first data of exit polls showed him gaining 24 percent of the vote, and Le Pen — 22.

The publication of such information in France is prohibited by law prior to the closing of the last polling stations in the country (it is assumed that this will happen at 21:00 GMT), however, the prohibition does not apply to foreign media.

In that case, if none of the candidates receive more than 50 percent of the vote, will be held the second round of elections. He is scheduled for 7 may.