Scientists named the most harmful drink

Scientists named the most harmful drink

The experts considered effects on the body alcohol and energy drinks.

Scientists in Canada conducted a study to identify the most dangerous to human health, alcoholic beverage, when it was analyzed the influence of both alcoholic and energy drinks.

Canadian experts in the new study was based on the results of another group of scientists, who established the health risks of energy drinks. The new analysis involves the assessment of the influence of a combination of alcohol and energy drinks. According to scientists, in the bloodstream at the same time of both alcohol and components of energy is even more harmful and provokes a person to the actions connected with risk for life and health, according to the Federal news Agency.

Alcohol leads to slower reaction and deterioration of its control over the own body, and energy, on the contrary, stimulate the body to action. Thus, if a person who has consumed alcohol the person begins to feel fatigue and trying to remove the sleepy state with energy, it can lead to “about activity” when control actions are too difficult. This, according to scientists, can lead to injuries and accidents, as well as causing great harm to the cardiovascular system.