Matvienko asked to withdraw from the competition for the title of honorary citizen of St. Petersburg

Patriarch Kirill and Valentina Matvienko

St. Petersburg branch of “Fair Russia” has asked the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko and Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril to withdraw their candidacy from the contest for the title of honorary citizen of the city. This was reported on the website of the party on Monday, April 24.

“The merit of the Patriarch and Senator Valentina Matvienko to St. Petersburg is indisputable, however, largely determine the results of the vote of the city Parliament in their favor”, — stated in the message

In addition, among the candidates are outstanding scientists, artists and athletes who are “in spirit long are honorary citizens of St. Petersburg”, noted the SRS.

They stress that the list of contenders for the title for the thirteenth time, entered the singer Edita, “from early youth living in Saint-Petersburg and devoted all his work” the city.

Under an appeal to Patriarch Kirill and Valentina Matvienko signed the head of the regional branch of the party Marina Shishkin, and also three deputies of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly from the CP — Alexei Kovalev, Alexander Egorov and Nadezhda Tikhonova.

2 March it was reported that the candidacy of Matvienko nominated public organization “Citizens of blockade Leningrad”, the candidate of Patriarch Kirill — the Union of rectors of St. Petersburg. Edita Peha list have made the concert workers ‘ Union and a social movement promoting the development of social sphere “Will of Petersburg”.

Two new honourable citizens will choose the Parliament of St. Petersburg before the city Day, celebrated on may 27. This title is awarded for contribution to culture, science and economy of the city. It can be obtained only by those who have lived in the Northern capital of not less than ten years.