Macron won the first round of presidential elections in France

Macron won the first round of presidential elections in France

MOSCOW, 24 APR — RIA Novosti. The ex-Minister of Economics of France Emmanuel Makron, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen reached the second round of presidential elections. The difference between the candidates was only a few percent — 23,75% at the Macron against the 21,53% of Le Pen.


Third place went to the candidate from the party “the Republicans”, the former Prime Minister françois Fillon. Voted for by 19,91% of voters. A few hundredths of a percent, he lost to the leader of the movement “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon — 19,64%.

The second round of presidential elections will be held in France on 7 may.

The reaction of the winners

The winner of the first round of the macron promised his voters to build a “strong France in Europe that protects”.

“I want two weeks to be your President, the President of the entire nation of France, President of the patriots before the threat of the nationalists,” said he, speaking to his supporters.

According to the candidate, the second round he will have “more to bring people together, to reconcile France.”

“On your behalf, I will carry the second round of your requirements, optimism and voice of hope for our country and Europe,” said macron.

The official representative of movement “Forward,” Laurence Haim said that the last round of elections was only “the first act”. On Monday supporters of the former Minister of economy intends to initiate the preparation of a clear strategy against Le Pen.

This is our struggle. This is important. It’s like Donald trump vs Barack Obama. This is what is happening now in France. So what we want to believe that the French will follow us because we stand for democracy and for Europe.Laurence Haemophillia the representative of the movement “Forward”

“This is a serious game… There are people who supported marine Le Pen, and it is necessary to refer to the French with calmness and responsibility, and again show that our France is different from that of the national front,” she added.

In turn, marine Le Pen told the French about the choice that needs to be done on 7 may.

“You have a very simple choice: either the state without protection, without borders, global competition, mass immigration, you can choose France to the boundaries that protect our jobs, our purchasing power, our security and our sovereignty”, — said the leader of the National front, speaking to supporters.

At the headquarters of Le Pen also said that they have already started preparations for the second round of elections.

“We will continue to campaign, in fact, now starts a new campaign,” said campaign Manager David Rachlin the radio station France Inter.

While Le Pen already broke the record of his party on Sunday, for it gave their votes almost seven million people in France. Her father and founder of the National front, Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2002 was also able to reach the second round, but with much more modest rates.

How to allocate voices

According to David Rachline, the candidate from “National front” is leading in 47 departments of France. At the same time Makron defeated in 42 regions.

While in Paris, Le Pen was defeated. According to the interior Ministry, for her, progolosovali less than five percent of the voters. Makron got to the capital almost 35 percent of the vote, far ahead of all major competitors.

The French capital is traditionally at the election the gap between “rich” and “poor” districts. Wealthy Parisians, mostly vote for the center-right, and the poorer are considered electoral base of the “left” candidates.

After voting in the capital, riots broke out — two people were injured, the protesters also burned several cars.

Paris police gas dispersed the protesters against the presidential elections.

The protests stopped only late at night when the police used tear gas and stun grenades. In response, demonstrators threw guards, the flares and other items.

The chances of the candidates in the second round

Before the second round, the majority of analysts prefer to Emmanuel Macron. In favor of the ex-Minister played by the position of the two rivals — the Republican françois Fillon and socialist Benoit Hamon who called on his voters to vote for the Macron.

A similar situation was observed in 2002, when the founder of NetFront Jean-Marie Le Pen reached the second round of elections. Then his competitors also joined, after which Jacques Chirac scored a record 82 percent of the vote.

In Moscow also believe that the chances of Macron above.

The head of the international Federation Council Committee Konstantin Kosachev believes that after Brexit Europe can’t afford “anti-European President.”

“Apparently, the candidate of the “system,” barring anything extraordinary, will win in the second round. Against the “asystemic” turn with a vengeance. Actually, that’s why Le Pen was originally, of course, more convenient opponent to Him than, say, Fillon is against it is easier to rally people around anyone, even around the faceless Hollande. Because France is clearly not ready for such a radical tilt to the right,” — he said RIA Novosti.

While at the research Institute of public opinion Ifop urged not to hurry with forecasts. According to the polls, Le Pen could win the votes of the part of the supporters of Fillon, who is clearly disappointed at the defeat of their candidate and are skeptical about the Macron, and the leader of the “Rebellious France,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon.