Lebanese women draped waterfront of Beirut wedding dresses

Lebanese women hung out on the waterfront of Beirut wedding dresses in protest — they are dissatisfied with the old law that allows rapists to avoid criminal punishment if he married his victim. About it reports The Independent.

Thirty-one dress symbolize the thirty-one days in the month when women in such marriages can be abused. As the newspaper notes, from the dresses resembled the swaying corpses.

In accordance with 522-th article of the Lebanese Penal code, rapists are sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years. However, the proviso to the article allows the perpetrator to escape punishment if he and the victim were married. According to The Independent, this order of things was set in the 1940-ies.

In February the parliamentary Committee has already voted to repeal this provision, however, the vote of all the deputies is scheduled for may 15.