Sheregesh set a record for a mass descent into bathing suits

Sheregesh set a record for a mass descent into bathing suits

From the slopes of the Green mountains in the Kuzbass in swimsuits and shorts at a time slipped 1498 is 387 skiers and snowboarders more than last year.

The organizers are closely monitoring the implementation of the requirements for the appearance of participants to descend from the mountain only in bathing suits and shorts above the knees. In addition, snowboarders and skiers are permitted to wear only helmets, gloves and knee and elbow protection, reports “Russian newspaper”.

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The participants of the festival in Sheregesh failed by a considerable margin ahead of the other contenders into Champions from Sochi. On the high BoogelWoogel carnival, which was held recently in Krasnaya Polyana, the slopes in bathing suits went down about 1,200 skiers and snowboarders.

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The weather was very favorable to participants in advance. It was Sunny and warm up to twenty degrees. The oldest participant was a 73-year-old pensioner Edward Nefedov. A participant from the most remote area of Ketola Joel from new York, which is 9496 km from Sheregesh.