Media: scientists found an effective way of improving memory

Media: scientists found an effective way of improving memory

MOSCOW, 23 APR — RIA Novosti. Neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania has developed an effective method of improving memory, the information portal Gizmodo. The method is based on electrostimulation of the brain.

The study was carried out in the framework of the project, which aims to create implantable brain device. To participate in the experiment attracted a group of people with epilepsy (it can impair cognitive skills) that are needed to perform a series of tests to assess memory capacities. In the study, researchers stimulated a region of the brain associated with memory formation.

Neuroscientists have compared the effects of on the brain, with high and low activity. As it turned out, in the first case, stimulation worsened the results of the tests, however, the second memory became better.

The obtained results, the researchers believe, will help create a method of the closed cycle, in which the implantable device will send electrical impulses only in cases where they are useful.