In Paris riots broke out

In Paris riots broke out

On the place de La Bastille in Central Paris, riots broke out, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Police used smoke grenades and moved toward the protesters started breaking the fence.

Dispersing demonstrators, the police used non-lethal weapons. One protester was injured. Police officers started first aid lying on the ground injured, trying to stop the bleeding.

Some time later, in the confrontation came a relative lull. The police encircled the largest group of protesters.

A similar protest rally against elections “Night of the barricades” was held on Saturday, April 22. Then there gathered more than 2 thousand people. Police dispersed them with tear gas.

In France on Sunday was the first round of presidential elections. According to preliminary data of the Ministry of interior, in the second round are the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen with a score of 24 and 78 percent of the vote and the leader of movement “Forward,” Emmanuel macron, who scored 21.75 percent. The representative of the right wing “Republicans” Francois Fillon is gaining 19.65 percent.